Monday, December 17, 2007

One Day Beret - Pattern

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

Size 13 Circular Needles 16"

CO 40
PM, Join

Row 1-3: Knit 2, Purl 2

Row4: Knit
Repeat Row 4 twelve times


Row 1: *knit 9, k2tog, repeat from * to the end (You will have decreased a total of 5 times)
Row 2: *knit 8, k2tog, repeat from * to the end
Row 3: *knit 7, k2tog, repeat from *to the end
Row 4: *knit 6, k2tog, repeat from * to the end
Row 5: *knit 5, k2tog, repeat from * to the end
Row 6: *knit 4, k2tog, repeat from * to the end
Row 7, *knit 3, k2tog, repeat from * to the end

Cut yarn, leaving a 10" tail. Using a large needle, thread the tail through the remaining stitches, and pull tight. Thread the ends and, tada! you've got a quick, One Day Beret!!!


Emily said...

are there increases anywhere in this? i cast on 40 sts and if i k10 k2tog, i can only do it 3 times within 40 sts.

perhaps i'm doing something wrong, but i just wondered.


ashley sue said...

I've fixed this pattern, you have to k9, k2tog for the first round of decreases.

beyond sorry to everyone who got tripped up by this!

Always A Lady said...

I tried k9, k2tog and it still didn't workout. For that to work I think the cast on would have to be 55 sts. I made this hat and just started the decreases with k6, k2tog and it worked out great, but made a small beanie style hat instead. Love the pattern, but I still think the decreases don't work out right.

Anonymous said...

hey, what does the PM mean after the CO40

K.B. said...

It means: Place Marker -- put a stitch marker at the beginning of your row so you know where the beginning of the round is. You'll slip the marker from needle to needle as you come to it -- be prepared for it to fall off the needle if you forget about it! :)

Anonymous said...

yea I cosign with who ever said the decreases don't work. I am now in frogging mode.Please try n fix it and ll do just what the lady in the comments did.she decrease six in a row or wtv..shit! I hate frogging.

Tami said...

Is this hat for real? I just finished making this hat. I used a nice, thick yarn, and a size 11 needle. I read all the posts, so instead of 40, I cast on 56 to do the ribbing, and during the knit rows, decreased 1 to make it 55 stitches.
The decreases came out correctly, but when I finished the hat, it is the size of hat for a newborn baby.
Does not fit an adult AT ALL.